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26 June 2017)

genealogy My New Genealogy Website (hosted on deanenderlin.com)
Sadly, I had to take my old FamilyTreeMaker.com website and my Tebow Genealogy Page down after many years of service.  Ancestry.com (which now owns FamilyTreeMaker and Genealogy.com) announced that it would end support of these pages on 5 September 2014.  The good news is that, by moving my main genealogy site,  I now have much more flexibility in the content.

genealogy My Genealogy page at Rootsweb.com
Under construction, but a few sections are running.  I will eventually move the content over to my New Genealogy Page (see above).

pointer Enderlin family page

civil war Civil War Veterans - Calistoga, Napa County, CA
Historical information of Civil War veterans and their activites in my hometown.

pointer Calistoga Pioneer Cemetery - Civil War veterans

pointer Calistoga Gov. Morton Post, No. 41, G.A.R. - Officers

pointer Calistoga's Gov. Morton Corps, No. 40, W.R.C. - Officers

pointer Seventh Encampment, Northern California Veterans Assoc. - Calistoga

civil war Civil War Veterans - Napa, Napa County, CA
Historical information on Civil War veterans and their activities in Napa, Napa Valley, California.

pointer Napa Tulocay Cemetery - Civil War veterans

pointer Frank A. Leach and the Napa Guards (local militia)

civil war Civil War Veterans - St. Helena, Napa County, CA
Historical information on Civil War veterans and their activities in Saint Helena, Napa Valley, California.

pointer St. Helena Public Cemetery - Civil War veterans

pointer St. Helena's Kilpatrick Post, No. 38, G.A.R. - Officers

pointer St. Helena's Kilpatrick Corps, No. 12, W.R.C. - Officers

civil war Civil War Veterans - Yountville (a.k.a., Sebastopol), Napa County, CA (coming soon)
Historical information on Civil War veterans and their activities in Yountville, Napa Valley, California.

pointer George C. Yount Pioneer Cemetery - Civil War veterans

Calistoga est. 1859
Calistoga's Character, Today and Yesterday (February 2012)
An online audio slideshow highlighting Calistoga's history and culture, produced by Artisan Wine Tours, LLC (Lin Durling, founder).  Lin Durling is narrator, with comentaries by Mark Wilkinson and yours truly.  If this doesn't make you want to visit Calistoga, what will?!

miscellaneous My "Other Stuff" webpage on Tripod.com
A few historical photos here.  Not much else.

geology California's Gold - Episode #3001 (Huell Howser Productions, 2001)
Ok, you can't see the video on the web, but you can order it!  Back in August 2000, a group of us spent a fun day with Huell Howser and his camera man, Luis "Louie" Fuerte, exploring Clear Lake, Lake County.  I had my "moment of fame" expounding on Lake County's geology.

geology Knoxville Mining District, The McLaughlin Gold Mine, Northern California, 1978 - 2001, Volume VIII
This was the final volume in a set of transcribed interviews relating to Homestake Mining Company and the discovery and development of the McLaughlin gold mine.  My interview (January 2001) appears in this volume.  This project was a major documentary accomplishment, spearheaded by Eleanor "Lee" Swent of the Bancroft Library's Regional Oral History Office.

geology Homestake Mining Company's McLaughlin gold mine geology (intro page)
Originally part of Homestake Mining Co.'s 2000-2001 Annual Monitoring Report, now graciously hosted on the Web by the UCNRS.

pointer Geology of the McLaughlin Deposit

pointer The San Quentin Sinter

pointer McLaughlin Gold!

geology Lake County Terroir:  Geology, Soil and Wine
Flash video of my lecture on Lake County's geology, delivered to the Lake County Winegrape Growers at Konocti Harbor Resort, January 2006.

geology Clear Lake Geology Field Trip Guide for Teachers
Prepared in 2007 for the LAKE Science Collaborative, Kelseyville Unified School District, Lake County, CA (1.9 MB pdf file)

geology Trailside Geology of the Oat Hill Road
A hiker's guide to the Oat Hill Mine Trail segment between Calistoga and the Palisades Trail junction (old Holm place), originally prepared  in 1995 for the Napa Sierra Club, and now hosted on the Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District's website. (355 KB pdf file)


Grand Army of the Republic Records Catalog
In 2010, I was honored to be appointed National GAR Records Officer for the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War by then Commander-in-Chief Brad Schall.  I have continued to serve in this office since that time.  The GAR Records website is designed and maintained by me.  It serves as a directory for locating collections of GAR Post records that are scattered throughout the country.

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