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My ancestors came from many countries, which makes research interesting and challenging. I am especially interested in learning more about the Enderlin family and the origin of this surname. For an update on my research, please refer to the section entitled, "The Origin and Meaning of the Enderlin Surname."

My father's, father's parents, Wilhelm Enderlin and Maria Magdalena Gumbert, emigrated to America in 1885. They came from southwest Germany in what is now the Stadtkreis of Baden-Wuerttemberg. My Enderlin ancestors lived in the town of Boetzingen on the southeastern side of the mountain called the Kaiserstuhl. I am grateful to our cousin Hans Joerg Enderlin for providing us with the following full description of the town of our ancestors: "Boetzingen am Kaiserstuhl im Breisgau bei Freiburg." My ancestors moved to Boetzingen sometime before 1770. They had previously lived in Staffort and Spoeck by Karlsruhe (now part of Stutensee), and prior to that in Koendringen (now part of Teningen).

My father's mother's parents, Clarence L. Tebow and Jessie Nathalie Nelson, have a more complex ancestry. Clarence Tebow's ancestors can be traced back to the earliest Dutch and Huguenot settlers in New York and New Jersey, including the Van Blarcom, Reyerson and Rapalje families. Clarence Tebow's ancestors can also be traced back to England (the Hobart line) and to Scotland (the Cairns line). The Tebow name evolved through the centuries, and has many spelling variants including Tibout, Tibaut, Thibault, etc. Jessie Nelson's ancestors were Swedish on her father's side. Her father was Erick Nelson, who emigrated from Sweden to America in 1851.

My mother's father's parents, Niels Jacobsen and Mettesina Laurine Petersen, emigrated to America from Jutland, Denmark, in 1888. Niels was born in Tørring (Aarhus amt) to Nils Berg Madsen and Anne Pedersen. Nils was the son of Mads Pedersen and Karen Marie Andersdatter. Mettesine was born in Glyngøre.

My mother's mother's parents, Gunnar Bergersen and Marthine Lovise Stengel, emigrated to America from Hamar, Hedmark, Norway in 1882 and 1883. Gunnar emigrated first, and Marthine followed a year later with the children. The family lines go back for many centuries in Norway, primarily in Gudbrandsdalen and near Lake Mjøsa in south central Norway. Marthine Stengel's father was Emil Gonsales Stengel, whose father was Otto Christian Stengel. Otto was mine district doctor (berglæge) in Røros, Norway, for over 60 years. Otto was born in Wewelsfleth (near Glückstadt) in the Duchy of Holstein (now part of Germany), and came to Røros at the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

I am always looking for other family researchers to compare notes with, so if you are a relative, I hope you find this page of interest.

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