Welcome to my new (and hopefully improved) genealogy page!


Between June 1999 to August 2014, my main genealogy page was hosted by FamilyTreeMaker (now owned by Ancestry.com).  In September 2014, Ancestry.com ended support for the free user pages, so it was time to move on.  All good things come to an end, I guess.  This website is my new creation, designed to replace the old one.


I have been interested in genealogy for over 35 years, inspired in my teens by my maternal grandmother, Dagny Jacobsen.  These pages reflect the results of these many years of family discovery.  Research continues, so you will find that the content is constantly changing.


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Dean Enderlin

Calistoga, California, USA

  Web pages launched 2 February 2015!  





This page is under construction as I transition from my old FamilyTreeMaker genealogy page to this new one.       Please visit again to view my progress!




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