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Berglæge Christian Stengel of Røros

A biographical sketch of Mine District Doctor (Otto) Christian Stengel, featured in Norges leger (Norway's Doctors) in 1996. Translated from Danish by Dean Enderlin, March 2001.


The "First Record" (Norwegian)

The "First Record" (English)

"Summary of Genealogy of Families Skjeset-Imislund and Ovren-Rösem and Slette," based on the information of Alf Christophersen's notes (ending 1918). Translated by Dean A. Enderlin, 1999.


The "Second Record"

Record done by Superior Court barrister Mauritz Diesen during a visit from Wagonmanufacturer Andreas Lund (with notes by Dagny Louise Jacobsen)




The Origin and Meaning of the Enderlin Family Name

An essay by Dean A. Enderlin that explains what is known about the origin of our surname.


John A. Sutter: Enderlin & Stober relationships

An essay explaining the family relationships between the ancestors of the California pioneer, John Augustus Sutter, and the Stober and Enderlin families of Staffort, Baden-Wuertemberg, Germany.




Corporal George J. Enderlin in World War I

A biographical sketch of George J. Enderlin's participation in "The Great War," by Dean A. Enderlin, 1999.


Aviation Ordnanceman Roy D. Enderlin in WW-II

A biographical sketch of Roy D. Enderlin's participation in the Pacific Theater in World War II, by Dean A. Enderlin, 1999.


Biography and Family History


Andrew Berig Jacobsen "Mr. Monterey County"

A biographical sketch of the life of Andrew B. Jacobsen (1890 - 1955), by Dean A. Enderlin, 1999 (updated 2004).


Dagny's Memoirs

Autobiographical sketch written by Dagny Louise Bergersen Jacobsen in 1977. This family document describes in considerable detail my grandmother's fond memories of her childhood on a homestead near Jolon, Monterey County, California.


My Early Recollections of Jolon People

Anecdotes of early Jolon (Monterey County, California) inhabitants. Written by Dagny L. Jacobsen in the 1970's.


History of the Meadow View Mine

Web version of a manuscript prepared in 2001. Presents a full history of Elmer Enderlin's Meadow View mine, Fourth of July Creek, near Stanley, Custer County, Idaho.


Lamar & Lily Enderlin: Their 50 Years Together

Biographical sketch prepared for their 50th wedding anniversary in 1991. Lamar Irving Enderlin (1911-1997) was the 3rd child of Heinrich (Henry) Enderlin, and grandson of Wilhelm Enderlin.
















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